Why DryCoder?
Execute yourself here
Before you go Live
Why DryCoder?
Execute yourself here
Before you go Live

What is DryCoder?

Idea behind Creating Dry coder is to make a bridge between User’s and employer where connecting right candidate to right employer. There various mechanisms in the platform which helps the candidate or a user and employer in following means—

  • Pre-assessment of yourself before you showcase yourself to industry then guiding candidates in case where they couldn’t to get jobs via our exhaustive skill gym
  • On other hand industry people where able to “hire brains rather than CV’s”.
  • A zone with various skill exercises with different tools on their related preferred domain.

Best Skill Assessment Platform!

We help you evaluate your learning, improve proficiency and be successful in an innovative way. We believe in developing your skills with an exercise zone in your preferred industry, to have core basic knowledge.
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Assess yourself

We provide you the platform to know, improve and showcase your skills performance.

Learn while doing
Learn while doing

We help you in improving your knowledge of various domains by providing valuable exercises based on those domains.

Open Opportunities
Open Opportunities

We analyze the skills that required to be improved and match you to the jobs in which you will be successful.

Ease Steps

Our Working Process

explore jobs
01. Explore jobs
Signup to apply
02. Signup to apply
Take Test & know your Results
03. Take Test & know your Results
04. Know the probability to get on-board
05. Get Call from HR or suggestion for improvement

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Our Best Features

Post jobs with test
Industry specific Skill Assessment

Industry specific assessment comprising of various related skills required in same

Content Marketing
Comparative analysis with yourself

Defining your position by benchmarking your skills with your previous performances and also giving paths to improve

Manage Campus Hiring
Recommend Employment Suggestions

Provides you employment suggestions based on your performance, interest and key skills

Web Design & Development
Connecting the Right Talent

Show casing curated profiles with a pre-assessment in clusters which recommends the employer to ensure higher conversions

eCommerce Solutions
Expanding reach

Solving the sourcing problem by attracting talent across various rural and urban areas seamlessly

Inbound Marketing
On boarding and Training

Company specific training and assessments which leads to regular monitoring of its employee’s progress

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